Network Administrator

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Job Description and Responsibilities:

- Manage the daily activities of local and wide area network systems perform diagnostics, schedule preventative maintenance.
- Provides response to emergency work requests.
- Assist with developing, monitoring, and implementing network security procedures for safeguarding all networking systems.
- Maintain records of work completed and in-progress; and updates network documentation to record installations, upgrades, and configurations.
- Manage network management programs and prepare network status reports.
- Assist/Support other network related tasks/requirements as directed by management.
- Available on-call to assist with trouble tickets as needed.
- Manage projects and deliver on time with periodic status reports to management.
- Manage and coordinate installation of new data services.
◾️ Qualifications:

-Bachelor or institute of Engineering or computer science.
-Minimum of 2+ years in relevant work experience.
-Strong understanding of networking environment.
-Good understanding of Networking and Firewall technology. Specific Requirements
- Knowledge of design, configuration, installation, testing, and maintenance of local and wide area computer wired and wireless networks
- Knowledge of computer network characteristics, network operating system software, and network components.
- Troubleshooting skills and the ability to diagnose/resolve network system problems.
- Ability to interpret and apply complex technical manuals and reference materials.
- Ability to assist with developing network security and related procedures; and assist with performing network management activities.

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